Our service model emphasizes seamless, continuous, and cost-effective representation from a team of professionals each of whom brings a set of skills and experience which complement the other:

We staff files modestly without sacrificing necessary skill and experience. Several of our lawyers started with our firm as law students and as such have many more years of experience than their year of call suggests.

We cross-train our team so several of our lawyers and support staff remain familiar with every client and their unique needs. We routinely bring a second lawyer to as many client meetings and proceedings as permitted. However, we do not bill for the second lawyer’s time unless the context requires and upon prior consent of our client. This investment in our clients’ success is an example of our commitment to exceptional client service and the development of lasting, transparent client relationships.

While senior team members play an active role in files and client service, whenever possible they supervise and direct those colleagues best able to skillfully and efficiently carry out our clients’ work at the most cost effective level. This ensures our clients receive exceptional value without sacrificing quality and experience.

We leverage our collective knowledge and experiences. We regularly hold educational seminars and firm-wide meetings in which we discuss mandates within our office, updates on recent legislative amendments, and new or important cases of interest and/or useful points of practice. These meetings help ensure we continually leverage our collective knowledge and experience to our clients’ advantage.

We are available whenever needed, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our live 24 hour telephone number is answered by a Sherrard Kuzz LLP lawyer (not an answering service), 24 hours a day; seven days a week. We are always in a position to serve our clients on their schedule.

We respond quickly. For general matters, our firm standard is to respond within the same business day and within the hour whenever possible. For urgent matters, our 24 hour line means we respond to clients immediately or within minutes, regardless of time of day – or night.

We are committed to, and are known for, providing timely, practical, creative and user-friendly advice. We appreciate a straight-forward, timely response can be critical to developing the most appropriate strategy. Because of our flat structure and emphasis on teamwork, if one lawyer cannot respond within the required timeline, another lawyer, with prior working knowledge of the client and file, will. This includes day-to-day advice and assistance, as well as more complex representation. For example, certain issues such as a termination for cause, violence in the workplace, unlawful work stoppage, or an occupational health and safety matter, may require immediate attention. A hallmark of Sherrard Kuzz LLP is meeting and beating these timelines working around the clock at our office and/or at the client’s premises to provide excellent, cost-effective service and results.


Our Unique Billing Practices


Our Core Values and Unique Approach to Client Service extends to our billing practices which are value-driven, flexible and developed with an eye to long term partnerships:

Our lawyers do not have an hourly “billable target”. Their only target is to “exceed expectations”. Everything else is secondary. This has been our firm’s practice philosophy from inception.

We do not bill for every phone call and e-mail exchange. This is the way we do business. We want clients to feel comfortable contacting us whenever the need arises, as often as the need arises, without concern for being “on the clock”. If a matter can be resolved quickly and efficiently, this will often be accomplished without charge. This is particularly helpful to our larger clients with several departments and managers each of which/whom may wish to contact us from time to time.

We do not bill for time associated with regular travel required in the provision of our services. Consistent with our practice philosophy, unless our client requests otherwise, we travel to the client, our client is never expected to travel to us. In our experience, visiting our client’s workplace(s) is more convenient for our client and assists us to learn more about the client’s operations. After all, we are workplace lawyers. But it’s not our workplace that matters, it’s our client’s.