Sherrard Kuzz LLP retained an independent consulting firm to conduct a detailed client survey. Clients were asked to rate and comment on a full range of issues regarding the quality of our work, responsiveness, billing practices, and the experience of working with Sherrard Kuzz generally.

The results were overwhelming and inspiring. Here's a sampling of what our clients had to say:

Best labour and employment firm I have dealt with Best client service in the business Brilliant Not your typical law firm They become part of the company team We sleep better at night knowing we have the SK folks watching our backs Very knowledgeable about all aspects of employment law Advice has been flawless It's like our issues are the only agenda in the world They understand our business Down to earth, bottom-line advice with rapid response times SK is like an apple a day Every day working with Sherrard Kuzz is fantastic We have avoided litigation issues completely They don't leave us unattended Service was extraordinary Doesn't nickel and dime me on billings The team is not focused on dollars. They are focused on results Many phone calls and emails are free Extremely good at keeping clients abreast of recent developments It is always a pleasure to deal with Sherrard Kuzz I made using Sherrard Kuzz one of my must haves Instills in you the confidence to make the right decisions Great total support package SK lawyers get the big picture Available no matter what the issues