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Each year we host groups of students interested to learn about employment and labour law. If your law school has an employment and labour club (or equivalent), and you’d like to organize a visit with our firm, please contact our Managing Director, Rhonda Cohen, at or 416.603.6243. We look forward to meeting you!

Where you begin your legal career is an important decision. There are many choices to be made including: area of practice, private or public, full service or boutique, big or small, downtown or uptown, and so on.

This information will introduce you to our firm and the practice of management-side labour, employment and administrative law. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to call.

Why Specialize in Labour and Employment Law?

We believe there are two principal reasons to specialize in labour and employment law: advocacy and business . Labour and employment law combine these exciting areas of practice in ways no others can or do.


If you are fascinated and excited with the prospect of being an advocate - as many law students are - labour, employment and administrative law offer opportunities to get "on your feet" and argue cases earlier and more consistently than almost any other practice area including traditional civil litigation.

Employment and labour lawyers are often in hearings several days a month, cross-examining witnesses, leading evidence and making legal argument. There are also fewer procedural requirements in labour law allowing cases to unfold much more quickly than in civil litigation.

All of our lawyers are advocates with experience preparing for and arguing cases before a wide range of courts and administrative tribunals, including:

We work hard to ensure that all lawyers regardless of their year of Call regularly receive hearings of their own, a feature seldom found in other law firms.


Business is an essential component of our labour and employment law practice. Whether and how to structure a merger, sale or acquisition; employment contracts; tax implications; pensions; benefits; the terms of a collective agreement; the cost - direct and indirect - of specific workplace policies and practices (such as employment equity, workplace safety, duty to accommodate, etc); immigration; and human rights, to name a few - each of these issues has a profound effect on and requires a sophisticated understanding of how each of our clients does business.

So you see, there is much more to labour and employment law than you might originally have thought!

Why Management-Side Rather Than Union-Side?

For many, the choice to practice management-side or union-side is personal based on individual, closely held views.

For others, there are practical advantages to a management-side practice.

Employers have greater opportunities than employees to be proactive designing the workplace environment, policies, direction and strategy. While there are always exceptions to the rule, generally management makes these important workplace decisions whereas employees tend to react. As management-advisers we are often asked to participate in making important, proactive workplace decisions.

The second advantage is that management lawyers are more likely to be asked by clients to represent them at hearings and in collective bargaining negotiations. Generally it is rare for union-side lawyers to take on negotiation responsibilities because often the union itself will send its own representative.

Our Commitment to Students


Each of us at Sherrard Kuzz LLP is dedicated to and enjoys the process of providing to law students and young lawyers opportunities to learn and develop.

Many of our lawyers regularly teach or guest lecture at law schools and the Ontario Bar Admission Course, and we are proud to have established at a number of Canada's law schools the Sherrard Kuzz LLP Prize in labour, employment and administrative law.

We consider our students to be a vital part of our continuing growth and success. Accordingly, we routinely hire law students in each of the first, second and articling years and have made this an integral component of our firm culture.

Whether at law school, the Bar Admission Course or as a member of our professional team, our goal is to help students develop the disciplined analytical, technical and practical skills they will need to be successful lawyers.

We consider this our responsibility.

Our Student Program

The articling and summer student program at Sherrard Kuzz LLP is intense but fulfilling. Students participate in a dynamic firm in which outstanding work, client service and a rewarding collegial environment are paramount.

While researching and writing is fundamental to the learning process, our students do not spend all of their time in the library. Instead, our students get out with our lawyers regularly so they can learn how to assist clients with real issues. We make a point of introducing our students to all aspects of the practice of law and inviting them to join us at client meetings, hearings, negotiations, lectures, continuing legal education seminars, networking dinners and regular firm management meetings.

We also offer our students the opportunity to write articles for our newsletter, Management Counsel, and to help prepare and attend the numerous seminars we present to clients.

In our experience, this approach accelerates the learning process, builds professional skills, industry experience and confidence, and helps students to develop their own blend of legal skills and professional style.

Training and Professional Development

Sherrard Kuzz LLP places a premium on the training and guidance of all members of the firm. To help identify strengths and improve skills, students receive on-going informal reviews of professional development. We also conduct in-house seminars to ensure that our students are up to speed on important and topical issues related to our broad practice of law.


During the first few days at Sherrard Kuzz LLP students are assisted through an orientation program designed to introduce them to our resources and support services and the practical skills required to be a successful student and lawyer. This orientation includes tips on the transition from law school to practice, training in research, writing skills and time management, and the basics of employment and labour law, litigation and administrative law. The program also includes computer training, library and Internet training, and instruction in practice management techniques.

Secondments – Ontario Labour Relations Board & Clients

Participation in a secondment provides many benefits to our students.

Each year, the Ontario Labour Relations Board ("OLRB") offers to select articling students the opportunity to be seconded for a period of six to eight weeks during the articling term. At Sherrard Kuzz LLP we think this opportunity is invaluable. For a student aspiring to practice employment and labour law, a secondment with the OLRB is akin to a clerkship at the Court of Appeal.

Our team is also fortunate to serve and work with a range of outstanding clients many of which provide challenging and unique secondment opportunities to our students, allowing them to experience ‘the client perspective’.

Our partnership with the OLRB and clients in offering secondment opportunities to our articling students is just another way in which we demonstrate our unparalleled dedication on our students and their learning process.

Open-Door Policy

We have an 'open-door' policy that is augmented by regular firm meetings to discuss matters of current interest.

Professional Services & Support

Sherrard Kuzz LLP is committed to providing the highest level of professional support to our students - articling and summer.

Firm Seminars and Newsletter

We are committed to being ahead of the pack in terms of ensuring that our team and our clients know about and appreciate new and evolving developments in the law.

We regularly conduct workshops and seminars on a wide variety of topics, for employers, management and supervisory personnel. Topics have included in-depth analysis of the various pieces of employment-related legislation, achieving and maintaining positive employee relations, progressive discipline, attendance management, privacy, occupational health and safety, human rights and a variety of topics which can or do effect the employment relationships.

We also publish a newsletter entitled "Management Counsel" to inform clients and members of the community about important and topical issues which may affect their workplaces.

Our students are encouraged to write for our newsletter and where appropriate participate in presenting seminars.


Articling student compensation is competitive with that at other leading employment and labour law firms in Toronto. In addition to salary, compensation includes Bar Admission Course tuition, an extended health care plan, a dental plan and life insurance.

Summering at Sherrard Kuzz LLP

The experience of Sherrard Kuzz LLP summer students is no different than that of our articling students although limited to the short summer season.


students at Sherrard Kuzz LLP are equipped with modern technology Each student is provided with a laptop and access to the full range of electronic research databases‎ and document assembly tools.

In addition, each articling student receives a Blackberry in recognition of the mobility of our practice.

Computer training is part of the student orientation.

Social Activities

Given the size of our firm and focused nature of our practice, the members of our team work together every day. However, we also like to get together outside business hours, so we organize several firm-wide events throughout the year almost always including our entire staff and their partners.

Meet Our Students

Our current and incoming students are:

First Year Summer - 2019

Second Year Summer - 2019

Articling - 2018 - 2019

Articling - 2019 - 2020

*   Returning from previous summer(s)

How to Apply

Visiting Sherrard Kuzz LLP!

Each year we host groups of students interested to learn about employment and labour law. If your law school has an employment and labour club (or equivalent), and you’d like to organize a visit with our firm, please contact our Managing Director, Rhonda Cohen, at or 416.603.6243. We look forward to meeting you!

We hope this information has helped you to decide whether Sherrard Kuzz LLP is the firm with which you might like to begin your legal career.

If so, your application should include the following:

Applications may be delivered in paper or electronic format, or through ViDesktop, but not by fax.

They should be addressed to:

Rhonda Cohen
Managing Director
Sherrard Kuzz LLP
Employment and Labour Lawyers
250 Yonge Street
Suite 3300
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2L7

416.603.0700 Main
416.603.6243 Direct

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Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act

Sherrard Kuzz LLP is committed to accommodating applicants with disabilities, up to the point of undue hardship, during the recruitment, assessment and selection process. Please notify Sherrard Kuzz LLP if you require accommodation in respect of the materials or procedures used at any time during this process. If you require accommodation Sherrard Kuzz LLP will work with you to determine how to meet your needs.