Most Recent Seminar

THANK YOU to all who attended our most recent HReview Seminar held on
June 6, 2018.

At the seminar we discussed:


Drugs (including Cannabis) in the Workplace - Employer Rights and Obligations - Best Practices to Protect Your Workplace

  1. Balancing Safety, Privacy and Human Rights
    • Employer rights and obligations regarding cannabis, opioids or other impairing substances.
    • The significance of medical vs. recreational use.
  2. Impairment
    • The impact cannabis can have on cognitive ability.
    • Recognizing signs of impairment.
    • Measuring impairment.
  3. Testing
    • Types of testing: pre-employment; pre-access; random; post-incident; return to work.
    • New developments in testing technology.
    • New developments in the law.
  4. Testing
    • Holding employees accountable.
    • Practical tips on developing and implementing effective policies.