Most Recent Seminar

THANK YOU to all who attended our most recent HReview Seminar held on
September 27, 2017.

At the seminar we discussed:


Let’s Talk About Sex: Workplace Indecencies and Indiscretions

  1. Sexual Harassment
    • What is sexual harassment?
    • When is an employer liable for sexual misconduct in the workplace?
    • What is the range of penalty?
  2. Sexual Harassment
    • Is an anti-fraternization policy a good idea?
    • What type of conduct can an employer legitimately prohibit in the workplace?
  3. Off Duty Conduct
    • When does sexual misconduct that occurs outside of the traditional workplace become a workplace issue?
    • What is an employer’s responsibility when it comes to “sexting”, sexualized emails, and other explicit social media based communications?
    • When can an employer discipline or discharge an employee for off duty conduct?
    • How should an employer respond to questions from the media?