Most Recent Seminar

THANK YOU to all who attended our most recent HReview Seminar held on
February 1, 2017.

At the seminar we discussed:


Workplace Investigations: How to Comply with the Law and Manage Risk

  1. Harassment Investigations
    • The requirement to conduct an ‘appropriate’ investigation under Bill 132.
    • How the Ministry of Labour can (and is) enforcing Bill 132.
  2. Health and Safety Investigations
    • The benefit of conducting an investigation into a health or safety accident or incident.
    • Responding to a Ministry of Labour request during an investigation.
  3. Issues That Apply Across the Board
    • Risks and costs associated with an improper investigation.
    • Third party vs. internal investigation - when to ‘outsource’ a workplace investigation.
    • When your investigation will (and will not) be privileged.
    • How to instruct and manage a third party investigator.
    • How to deal with the complainant and respondent during a workplace investigation.
    • The investigation report is in your hands - now what? Requirements and best practices for the post-investigation process.