Most Recent Seminar

THANK YOU to all who attended our most recent HReview Seminar held on
May 30, 2017.

At the seminar we discussed:


Missing in Action: Managing Planned and Unplanned Workplace Absenteeism

  1. Legal Entitlements
    • Protected leaves of absence under the Employment Standards Act, 2000.
    • Human rights considerations when addressing absenteeism.
    • Are there special rules in a unionized environment?
  2. Addressing Absenteeism
    • Culpable vs. non-culpable absences – are they treated differently?
    • Communicating with an absent employee, including obtaining appropriate medical information.
    • When may an employer discipline or terminate for absenteeism?
  3. Tips to Reduce Absenteeism
    • Attendance management policies – what to consider when preparing your own.
    • Changes to schedules and work locations.
    • Attendance awards and other incentives.